Twin shaft reheated turbofan 23 Март 2015, 14:33
The EJ200 is a twin shaft reheated turbofan, with three low pressure (LP) and five high pressure (HP) compressor stages, powered by two single-stage turbines (LP and HP). The combustor is annular with airspray injectors. The engine reheat system features a 3-stage manifold system and a convergent/divergent nozzle. Engine control is by an integrated application of blisks, wide-chord aerofoils, single crystal blades, an airspray combustion system, and an integral Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) providing low pilot workload and comprehensive fleet management capability.

More than 1,100 engines delivered
Thrust range from 13,500 lbf dry to 20,000 lbf with reheat
Ideal candidate engine for new military aircraft market and for re-engining existing fighters

The EJ200 is a collaborative engine between Rolls-Royce, MTU, Avio and ITP, who formed in the late 1980s as EUROJET Turbo GmbH. The technology of the engine makes it both smaller and simpler in layout than current engines of a similar thrust class, while giving it lower fuel consumption and an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio.
The first series production Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft were flown in February 2003. In service, the EJ200 exceeds or matches the most demanding international standards for operational support required by the US, Europe and other International customers. The Typhoon flew operational missions over Libya as part of Operation Ellamy, totalling 6,000 engine hours without a reject.